Backpacking Photos

All I have ever really wanted to do is travel. When I was 18 I went backpacking for just over a year with my one of my friends, we went to Australia via LA and home via Thailand. 
We spent the first 2-3 months traveling the east coast of Australia. It was an amazing experience we went sky diving, scuba diving, met Harold Bishop, spent Christmas in Cairns, new years in Sydney, ate too much, drank too much! After traveling the east coast we took the train from Sydney over to Perth and then spent the next 3 months working in Shark Bay and we volunteered at the Monkey Mia wild dolphin resort. 

After working in Monkey Mia I spent some time in Perth and then ended up back in Brisbane for a few months and then eventually travelled the East Coast again while working!

There are not many chances throughout your life where you can just pack a bag and head off around the world. It is amazing seeing new places and really experiencing a different way of life. 

I had a look through my old posts and found some photos I thought I would share...

It is so nice looking back on these backpacking photos and the photos of various trips throughout the years. I feel lucky to have such lovely memories!

Christie x

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