Tips to save for a house deposit

Have a weekly allowance of money
We lived off a budget of £40 a week each for nearly a year. This might sound a lot of money but this covered every little thing we did throughout the year, contact lenses, car repairs, birthday presents etc etc. 
It was strange at first to actually carry cash I think physically seeing the money helped us both to use our money wisely.

Meal plan
Each month I printed a calender out of outlook and meal planned. 
I arranged the meals so we would use up everything we were buying so no food was wasted. I did an online shop to come about once every 10 days which I organised and paid for at the start of the month. For us I think actually avoiding entering a supermarket saved us an absolute fortune!
Try and throw in a few cheaper meals each week (like eggs beans and chips!) if you do this just once or twice a week you won't feel too hard done by and over a few months the savings will add up.
Bulk buy toiletries when things are on offer or visit wilko/the pound shop 
If you take the time to look around for deals and stock up when you see them, long term you will save an absolute fortune!

Clear out and eBay - be ruthless anything you haven't worn / used in over a year needs to go
When I started clearing out I got rid of a few large items and thought that was it. I then decided to be ruthless and cleared out everything that hadn't been used in a year, I ended up eBaying a few hundred items!
Not only is our house totally uncluttered but this was a good chunk of money towards our deposit

Ask your family if they have any junk you could have to sell 
We asked both of our families if they had anything we could have for our car boot sale, they had a good clear out and we made a couple of hundred extra quid!

Stop all impulse buying - think about everything you buy and think if you can get it cheaper elsewhere penny's make pounds 
Every time you buy anything take 5 minutes to think about it. Do you really need it? Can you get it cheaper elsewhere?
I found this hard to get into the habit of doing but really taking that 5 minutes can really save you alot of money.
There were so many occasions where I googled what I was about to buy and voila there was a 20% voucher code. All the discounts add up and its all extra money towards getting your own house

If your going to clothes shop only buy things that either matches something you already own..
This might sound obvious but how many times do you buy a nice top get home and have no bottoms to match it! Spend time going through your wardrobe to really suss out what you have and what you could get to match to create a whole new outfit.

Start having nights in rather then nights out
Get a good box set and start watching it with your friends its a lot of fun to do together and something you can do each week which won't cost hardly anything, all you will need to buy is nibbles!

Get excited! Make a count down!
Make a savings plan and make a goal. Research, spend time driving around to see different houses. This is most likely going be the biggest purchase you will ever make, so make a plan, make a countdown and get saving :)

We saved on and off for a few years and then solidly for 7 months. This is where we now live...

See you next Friday :)


  1. this is a great post as someone who is saving constantly to buy a house. I am going to utilize these tips thats for sure. I can't wait to have my dream kitchen and makeup studio etc. so lovely that you were able to achieve this- so wonderful! xo. gigi.

  2. This is SUCH a useful post, I am desperately saving at the moment so this will come in super handy. Quick question - was your weekly budget £40 each or together? Thanks!