How to save a fortune when you shop...

Wait for things to go on sale!

This might sound obvious
If you can be patient you will save huge amounts of money!

When we were saving for a house deposit so we have cut out all unnecessary spending and have been living off a set weekly budget.
We had to learn how to get the most for our money.

I spotted a top in Mango, it was £55 as much as I LOVED it I could not justify spending that much on a top while we were saving.
I thought about buying it on quite a few occasions but I decided to wait for it to go on sale!
I checked out the website every few days.. and after a few weeks it went on sale, I got it nearly half price!

Since doing this last year I now do this all of the time! I go shopping try on all the new seasons clothes, take selfies of every outfit I like and then wait for them to go on sale! 
Its great because eventually everything goes on sale or voucher codes appear for the shop which means you can either save a lot of money or buy double the amount of clothes ha ha! 

See you next week! 

Ps my friend Julie has started her own blog go check her out at.. :)

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