Lush Santa Scrub

Why oh why is a this limited edition product?
It is amazing!

I love Lush and I love a lot of their products but this is by far the best Lush product I’ve ever used.
You soak it in the bath for a few seconds and then massage the scrub all of your body.
It gets rid of all dead skin and somehow makes your skin feel toned.
Where it’s quite a tough scrub it stimulates the blood flow and definitely reduces the look of stretch marks.
I used this all over my body it was great for hands and feet and I also found it was great used as a tough face scrub.

It left my body feeling clean, toned and just generally amazing for days!
I brought a few of these before they went out of stock but ended up giving them away to others to try the amazingness! 
I really hope they bring out something similar during the year!

Vampire Diaries - Team Stelena

The Vampire Diaries was recently added to UK Netflix.

Its a show I've always wanted to watch but never really got around to it.  I don't really watch TV very much, we have lived in our new house for nearly 6 months and still haven't got a TV areal!
I was off work all over Christmas and thought one day "ooh ill watch an episode of the Vampire Diaries and see what its like" that was it then I watched one episode and then spent the rest of that week watching the rest of the seasons!! After one episode I was completely addicted, what an amazing show!

I love how it develops from vampires to witches, werewolf's and ghosts
It just seems to get more and more exciting as the show goes on.

Ive been reading little snippets about season 4 online and I keep reading things about team "Delena" Ah I just cant understand it. I think Damon is a fantastic character, cheeky, funny, brutely honest but no! I do not believe in Delena! Stefan is the one! 

I never really pick up on peoples acting skills (unless its really bad of course) but in this show time after time I'm so impressed with the acting.
Paul Wesleys is intense, Ian Sutherland is really charismatic and Nina Debrov is just fantastic, when she plays both Katherine and Elena its so believable that you forget its one person playing both characters.

Anyway ill stop babbling.. this is a great show and if you haven't seen it, watch it you will not be disappointed!

See you next week!