Mid Week Post - New York New York!

Start spreading the news... I want to go today!

I don't know what it is about New York but its one of them places once you've been once it draws you back!
Its definitely the greatest city in the world so much to see, so much to do and so many restaurants filled with incredible food!
You could go over and over again and still not see everything! 

The last time we went was nearly 4 years ago now. I remember buying our flights for £201 return!
We have been wanting to go back for a few years but our money has been tied up buying our house and now the cost of going to New York has literally doubled.


I thought I would do a post asking you guys if you have any tips to do New York on more of a budget? I am dying to go back but with a baby on the way its not going to happen unless we can get an amazing deal! 

If you have any tips or tricks for cheap flights and accomodation please post below, I'd love to hear them! :)

*All photos taken by me


  1. Hi Christie, I wish I could help you but I never been to new york before. I really want to go there to but as you say could get really expensive. Flight from the UK start around £300 and if you ad a hotel you could easily come up to £1000 per person for a long weekend. I also have children and and going abroad is not as easy anymore as it used to ;-((


  2. I think keeping an eye on the exchange rate is helpful - and I also heard that New Yorkers like to leave for the holidays so you might find it better to go then... When I visited I found a really cheap way to eat was to visit diners and delis that sold food by the weight - so you could stock up on a massive dinner, all hot food, of whatever you wanted and just pay for whatever was in your dish - it was like a buffet! And, of course, you have to visit http://www.c21stores.com/!


  3. I booked through Expedia for £800 for 5 nights but at the moment there is some offers for Feb for £600 in some pretty decent hotels and on American Airlines! Jet2 also now do holidays there now I wish it was so much cheaper, I wanna go back soo bad! xo


  4. Hey Christie, lovely pics from New York. Never been there but would love to do so:) I cant give you really any tips, but hope some of the rest can help you. Good luck!

  5. I went to NYC a couple of years ago and it was the best thing I have ever done! It was worth every penny! Me and my boyfriend booked just after christmas in the virgin sale, cost us £700 each for flights and accommodation for a week!


  6. NYC is the best! we are so excited to be there next week. it can be an expensive place to visit, but for hotels you can try hostels or airbnb...you can also go on couchsurfing.org and stay for completely free with someone! there are a lot of inexpensive but good places to eat, such as joe's pizza ($2 for a huge slice) and other places. for broadway tickets, you can go to the theatres the day of a show and ask for standing room seats-- they give out a certain amount a few hours before the show and they are like $18 instead of $100! take the subway everywhere, get a 3 day pass and it will pay off! any more i think of, i'll send your way! XO

    the well-traveled wife

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! I've got a couple posts on free and cheap in New York. You can find them here:


  8. I so want to go to New York!
    However I think it's definitely a city to go to after you are 21 as the night life looks AMAZING!


  9. Lovely pictures from new york. Best place to visit in the world.

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