Bags! Big or small? Cheap or expensive?

A few years ago my Mum and Dad went to Singapore and my Mum called me up while in a shopping centre and said "They have Guess handbags here for £50 do you want one?" and I remember thinking wow that sounds like a good deal but no £50 is a bit of a crazy amount to spend on a handbag when I already have one.
That Christmas I opened a present and inside was this guess handbag that my Mum had seen!

It was love!

The handbag was so well made you could just feel the quality of it.
A few years later we booked a holiday to Australia with a stop off in Singapore and I thought maybe ill get a another bag.
I could not believe the price difference between the UK and Singapore! 
I ended up buying 5 bags (yes I know this was completely excessive!)
They ranged between £30-£60 each! I found one of the same bags in the UK for £150 so crazy price difference!

5 years on and 3 are still going strong! The others have been so loved and worn that really they need throwing away!

After getting really nice bags I cant imagine going back. Although you pay out more money initially they last for years.

I have a problem when it comes to large handbags though, I fill them up! I know a lot of girls seem to be the same.

I looked in my handbag recently to find out why it was so heavy and I had 3 tape measures, a full size hand cream, a notepad, 3 pens, a purse, 5 lip sticks, 3 packs of tissues,  a ton of receipts and unfortunately the list goes on!
I made the decision to get a new bag, a small one to precise. My theory was with a small bag I can only fit so much in it and I can stop hurting my shoulder!! and was it a good choice?

Yes it was a great choice! 

I really wanted to get a leather bag, one that I know will last years! After ALOT of window shopping I brought the Ted Baker Markun. 

I love this black is small, classic and goes with every type of outfit!
I have had it for a few months now and the leather has slightly softened which I love.
It was quite pricey at £150 but it is amazing quality and I honestly do think I will constantly use it for years. 

What are your guys favourite bags!?

See you next week!

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  1. I gotta admit I'm not a crazy bag fan - I buy one when I need it and maybe even pay a little more if I really like it :). Usually I just go for Zara ones :).
    Nice post & blog :)!