Lush Santa Scrub

Why oh why is a this limited edition product?
It is amazing!

I love Lush and I love a lot of their products but this is by far the best Lush product I’ve ever used.
You soak it in the bath for a few seconds and then massage the scrub all of your body.
It gets rid of all dead skin and somehow makes your skin feel toned.
Where it’s quite a tough scrub it stimulates the blood flow and definitely reduces the look of stretch marks.
I used this all over my body it was great for hands and feet and I also found it was great used as a tough face scrub.

It left my body feeling clean, toned and just generally amazing for days!
I brought a few of these before they went out of stock but ended up giving them away to others to try the amazingness! 
I really hope they bring out something similar during the year!

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  1. That sounds so amazing, i wish i tried it out!:)