Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt

We were in London a few weeks ago and I decided to pick up a few bath goodies I picked this up to give it a smell and the lady in Lush said “oh ill show you this” she took me over to a basin of water and popped in the bath melt. She asked me to roll up my sleeve and then proceeded to massage the melt into my arm. Ok i’m not going to lie it was quite an awkward experience! I was in a big coat and scarf with one arm rolled up and she was giving me a full on massage, I thought she would just do it for a minute or two but no she was there ages really getting into it, rubbing away at my arm!!
It did smell and feel great so I brought one to try in the bath.

The Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt is the ultimate product for dry skin.
As it melts into the bath the water turns white and creamy. Once melted you can then use the bag full of oats to massage your skin.
The smell is oaty with a hint of lavender, its very soothing and relaxing.
After having a Ceridwen Cauldron bath my skin felt amazing for hours even the next morning my skin felt soft and moisturised.

I loved using this melt and would defiantly re purchase for the colder months!


  1. Sounds quite lovely and luxurious. Gotta watch those Lush gals .. they'll strip you down and give you a bath just to make a sale .. lol

    just joking ;-)


  2. they sounds very nice! Great review:)

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