Christmas present idea!

This is a Christmas present idea for everyone Mums, Dads, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Colleagues, Friends..

A DVD basket!

Get a bag of popcorn, there favourite bottle of wine and a DVD or two! 
You can also throw in a chocolate bar a bag of Malteasers whatever you want!
I think these are a great idea for a present you can do the thriftier option and just put one DVD or season in or make them a bit bigger and add a few TV seasons or movies.

The photos above are a few examples of Christmas pressies I will be giving out this year. I have more but I can't show them just in case the people read my blog!! 

The silver basket breakdown is;

Chuck Season 1 - £6.50
Wine (was half priced) - £3
Cinema Popcorn (on offer) - £1 

+ Wrapping

Baskets were from Ebay 8 baskets for £7

Roll of cellophane (which has done 14 baskets and is still half full) - £5.50
Fancy Bows - £2.99 for 6 

Bargain, awesome Christmas presents! 

See you next Thrifty Friday!


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