What to buy when your on holiday in the USA

I LOVE going on holiday to America for lots of reasons.. the beautiful weather, the great sightseeing, the giant stacks of pancakes, but the shopping has to be top of my list.I love makeup and tend to buy quite alot of it (:S), I just couldn't believe the price difference in some items last time I was there
A few years ago we got over two dollars to the pound, its not quite as good as it was but its still around $1.5 to the £1. 

I thought id write a post to show you a few of the items I brought/ stocked up last time I was there due to the price difference to the UK.
If you have found any great deals please post them because i'd love to read about them:)

L'Oreal voluminous mascara.. UK £8.49 from Boots .. USA .. $7.99 from Walgreen's.

Sally Hansen nail polishes.. UK they range between £5-£9 .. America they start from just $1.99! 

Tweezerman Tweezers.. (in my opinion) the most amazing tweezers ever made! UK price for the below £19.50. Price I brought them for in the US $20.00 

Most foundations ive noticed a big difference in cost. Just as an example; Clinique even better foundation .. Boots in the UK £22, Sephora in America $23

My final item is a non makeup item.. Ugg boots

This exact same pair of Ugg Boots is for sale in Schuh UK for £210 and in Bloomingdales for... $200 !! I know you have to add tax onto this but its still about a £60 difference!

 UGG® Australia Classic Short Boots

So if you are booking to go on holiday from the UK to America this year or next.. Have a great time and enjoy the shopping!! Let me know what deals you find:)


  1. wow great post, i wish i could go to america and buy those things!:)


  2. thanks for the love hon, as to the question you have commented on my outfit post, I love both thrift and high-end, depends on different situations - to me high-low mix is ultimate perfection!


  3. Nice shoes. thank you very much for olive oil shampoo :) it is nice

  4. This is such a timely post as I'm heading to America in May next year! I have been compiling a list of things I want to buy from there too! There's such an enormous price difference between things in the US and here in Australia, so I'm EXTRA EXCITED! :P


  5. Great post! I never realised the price difference, because for me, coming from Brazil where everything is so extortionate, English prices are still amazing!! Hahaha My husband is in America right now and I might need to send him a list!! LOL haha xx


  6. Great post girl! x


  7. Great post!! I only always realize, that there are just certain items you won´t get either here in the U.S. or in Europe... but ya, price difference certainly plays a role...

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