Thrifty way to see a new place - Amsterdam

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about day tripping to Geneva in Switzerland. I thought I would do another 'day tripping' post this time about Amsterdam!

If you just go away for the day you only have to buy one days worth of meals, theirs no overnight accommodation, no meals the next day and no need to check in any luggage.
Amsterdam is a great place to visit. From Luton airport the flight roughly takes 45 minutes and is around £50 return.

I last visited to Amsterdam about 2 weeks ago, this was my second trip there this year. 
I love going away for the day. Its a great experience, a cheaper way to see a new place and brilliant if you want to travel but have limited time.

Amsterdam is filled with great food, sites and shops.  Here is what to do when you've arrived...
Exit airport at Schiphol Airport into the train station. There are lots of machines where you can buy tickets to Amsterdam Central. The train takes about 10-15 minutes and a return ticket is 5 Euros.

When you reach Amsterdam Central exit the station and head straight forward. You will walk over a few canals onto a main road filled with cafes and shops. On the right you will see a big C&A and to the left is a big department shop called Bijenkorf.
Bijenkorf is a huge department store which I would say is equivalent to our Selfridges. 
On the top floor is a cafe with the most amazing food! I really couldn't recommend it enough. There are rows of chefs cooking a selection of different foods. I chose a delicious beef and caper sandwich.. (delicious!)

Enough about food!

Heading straight forward you will reach Dam Square. This is a 'must see' when visiting Amsterdam

To the right of Dam Square is the main shopping street Kalverstraat.There is a huge selection of shops and usually where we end up spending most of our time!
You can check out a virtual tour of it here;

Dam square is quite central to a lot of different sites and attractions
. Some of my favourite things we have done in Amsterdam are...

Ann Franks House
After reading Anne Franks Diary it was an amazing experience to visit the house she lived in. 
The museum is only a 20 minute walk from the Central station.

You can find details of the museum here;

Van Gough Museum
We visited the Van Gough museum on a trip a few years ago. Its an excellent museum and easy to reach from the town centre.

Canal boat tours
There are a huge range of different canal boat tours on offer. If you are just visiting Amsterdam for the day you can do a trip where you see 100 highlights in just an hour:

Its really up to you how you would like to spend your day away.
Ive loved doing various trips and tours but my favourite thing to do here is shop! 

I hope you liked this weeks post, see you next Thrifty Friday


  1. What a great idea to do it in one day. Depends how close to the airport you live though. I've never been to Amsterdam but I'd love to go.

  2. I'm lucky in the fact that the company I work for is based in Amsterdam so have gotten to travel there a few times. I read the Diary of Ann Frank on the plane ride over (never read this book in high school) and visited the AF museum. The book shelf that opened up to the upstairs room where they stayed was a grim reminder that this was all too real. So worth the visit.

    Also went to the Rijksmuseum to see Vermeer (Girl with a Pearl earring, although this painting is not at this museum).

    The Van Gough museum was amazing and of course, no trip is complete without a canal boat tour :-)