My favourite low cost fragrances

Mary Kate & Ashley LA Style EDT Spray & Jewel  50ml 

Mary Kate and Ashley LA Style 
Every time I wear this I get SO many compliments and everyone asks me what fragrance I’m wearing.
I discovered this perfume in New York. We were leaving to go home and just before we were about to jump in a taxi I went to Duane Read to spend my last bits of change. While we were in there I realised I forgot to put perfume on, there were testers of this out on display. I picked it up sprayed in on and thought no more. After a few minutes I thought wow this is lovely and then I started getting compliment after compliment! As soon as we were home I googled where I could find this in the UK. I found it on fragrance direct for just £4.99 !
I have been through so many bottles of this now and I still LOVE the smell I highly recommend checking it out!

Eau de Toilette - Malaysian Coconut

Small £5 large £9.50

My favourite smell of all time is coconut. I love the smell of anything tropical it just reminds me of being on holiday in the sun.
Last year I went on a hunt for a coconut smelling perfume. I spent a few hours on google and come up with a list of all perfumes that apparently had a coconut scent. 
I managed to smell testers of pretty much all of them and this was by far the nicest most coconutty smell!
I brought this last time I went to Switzerland shopping, Yves Rocher no longer has any shops in the UK but you can order everything on their website still.
I brought the large one for at home and the smaller one to throw in my handbag. This perfume is really quite cheap and smells amazing it’s another I really recommend checking out!

Last but not least are the Ted Baker body sprays.
I absolutely love these sprays, they are the perfect size to throw in your handbag and are only £2.50 each! What a bargain!
I’d describe the Ted Baker sprays as slightly spicy floral scents.
If you’re a little low on cash and can’t afford to repurchase your favourite perfume these are the perfect in between thing.
The smell only lasts for a few hours but where it’s a body spray is lovely and refreshing to spray throughout the day.  
I use these sprays all year round and again it’s another scent that people always compliment me on.
Next time you’re in Boots check them out for £2.50 each you really can’t go wrong!

If you have any nice low cost fragrances please leave a comment, id love to read them :)


  1. Wow these are really great deals :) I'm not much for perfume but if everything was this affordably priced maybe I would be.

  2. Hello! I'm a perfume maniac myself, and I'm always trying new things, doesn't matter if it's low cost scents cause a lot of times you may be surprised. I also love love coconut (and vanilla), so bath and beauty works has been one of my favorites stores because they have this really good coconut body splash that's not expensive at all. You should check it out.



  3. never actually smelled any of these ill have to check into them all. thanks for the great recommendations! xo. gigi.

  4. Nice post! It's hard to find inexpensive fragrances, I think I ususally go to victoria secret and bath and body works for mine. :)

  5. I love Next perfumes most of them are £10 for a 50ml or there is Suddenly - Madame Glamour from Lidl which a lot of people seem to prefer to Chanel! and its only £4 x