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This weeks post is just a short one i'm afraid because I am moving house today..I hope you like it though, see you next Friday :)

After discovering my love for Lush I thought I would try out my local soap shop to see how their bath treats compare.
I have tried quite a few things so far and so far I can honestly say they compare very very well!

Firstly the bath melts..

There instructions for use are;
“Just drop one one in your tub and let is slowly melt into the water, softening your skin and realising a light aroma. Bliss.”
Ive tried quite a few different flavours my favourite is the vanilla and coffee bean. It claims to smell of “delicious Vanilla Cupcake with just a hint of freshly ground coffee” It’s SO nice!

I found with these they don’t melt quite as fast as the Lush melts do BUT I don’t think that is a bad thing, I like the fact they don’t disappear straight away. They smell absolutely amazing and leave your skin feeling incredible!

And now for the bath cupcakes;


 These claim to “leave your skin soft and fragrant, but do not cause an oil slick in your bath” Perfect when you want more than a Bath Bomb, but not as much oil as a Bath Melt, Bath Cupcakes are half way in between”
I have loved using these. They fizz around your bath leaving you with a few bubbles and delicious smell. I actually love the combo of mixing the Vanilla bean bath melt with the cream vanilla bath cupcake.. it’s a sweet smell overload!
I would defiantly recommend checking these out.

The bath melts retail at just £1.50 each and the cupcakes £2.50 so there is quite a big difference to Lush prices. So if you have a local soap shop its definitely worth a look!

If you want to have a look at the Soap Shop there website is

If anyone has any other bath shop recommendations please let me know, I would love to look!

See you next Thrifty Friday :)


  1. I love a nice bath bomb :) x

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  4. cool! I always look for lush dupes. do you know if these can be purchased in the us? they look fab! thanks. gigi. food and beuaty blogger @

  5. Bath Cupcakes. Love these