Christmas present idea!

This is a Christmas present idea for everyone Mums, Dads, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Colleagues, Friends..

A DVD basket!

Get a bag of popcorn, there favourite bottle of wine and a DVD or two! 
You can also throw in a chocolate bar a bag of Malteasers whatever you want!
I think these are a great idea for a present you can do the thriftier option and just put one DVD or season in or make them a bit bigger and add a few TV seasons or movies.

The photos above are a few examples of Christmas pressies I will be giving out this year. I have more but I can't show them just in case the people read my blog!! 

The silver basket breakdown is;

Chuck Season 1 - £6.50
Wine (was half priced) - £3
Cinema Popcorn (on offer) - £1 

+ Wrapping

Baskets were from Ebay 8 baskets for £7

Roll of cellophane (which has done 14 baskets and is still half full) - £5.50
Fancy Bows - £2.99 for 6 

Bargain, awesome Christmas presents! 

See you next Thrifty Friday!


Thrifty Sunday

So sorry for such a late Thrifty Friday!

This week I am announcing the winner of the bath melt competition..

The winner is..

Please email your full address to and I will get these Bath Melts sent straight away for you!!

Have a great week and see you all next Thrifty Friday!

The Soap Shop

Since moving into our new house I have become obsessed with having baths! I love propping up my iPhone on the towel rack, putting on some YouTube or Netflix and having a good old soak! (Yes I am a wild 26 year old lol)
Ive tried a few new things from my local soap shop since I last blogged about it and thought I would share my finds..  

 Lemon and Lime Bath Melts

Lemon Oil, Lime Oil and Calendula have been blended with Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond Oil in our most nourishing Bath Melt yet. Cut a bar in half, or use it whole, drop into your tub and let the moisturising power of this melt transform your skin.

This has become my favourite bath melt of all time. It smells delicious and is absolutely fantastic if you suffer from dry skin. 
I can honestly say I like this better then any Lush melt Ive tried (and thats saying something!) 
For £1.50 I recommend you try this too!

Coconut Body Butter

Pure Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and non greasy Shea all mean this Body Butter is perfect for use head to toe whenever your skin needs moisture.
Great when used on hands, feet, knees and elbows too!
Our Body Butter has a thick creamy texture and melts into your skin on contact. A little goes a very long way! Perfect when used after the bath or shower to soothe dry skin in need of moisture. 

I am a massive fan of the Body Shop Body Butters so I was really excited to try this. I have to say I think its fantastic! 

It has a thick creamy consistency but is slightly oiler then normal body butters. With most butters I feel like they leave my skin moisturised for an hour or two which is great but this leaves my skin feeling moisturised all day long.  
With some body butters when you apply them they just sit on your skin, this sinks straight into your skin making you feel instantly nourished!

Also the smell.. seriously amazing! I've had a few people comment about my 'lovely perfume' that I'm wearing when Ive had nothing on but this.
This is another product I highly recommend checking out. 

Sugar Scrubs

 Vanilla & Coffee Bean Solid Sugar Scrub is an exfoliating luxury scrubby bar for those 'bits' that make you frown! 
Take one into the bath or shower and rub it onto the areas you want to scrub!
A little Coca Butter will melt and leave you with a scrubby sugar mixture on your skin. Smells like a delicious Vanilla Cupcake with a hint of Coffee! Paraben Free.

These sugar scrubs are excellent. They get rid dry skin while leaving you feeling moisturised. You get a huge block of it for £4.00 too what a bargain!


I talked about The Soap Shop on a a post a few weeks ago and had a few emails from people wanting to know if they would ship abroad. 
I talked to Faye who owns the shop and can confirm they ship internationally. The website is if you would like to order anything pop across an email to them and they will let you know how much the P&P will be.


Ive really been enjoying blogging and Ive now had a few thousand hits so I thought it was time to do another giveaway! I'm going to give away 5 of the Bath Melts from the Soap Shop.
To enter all you have to do is subscribe to this blog and leave me a comment below letting me know your favourite bath product / any recommendations.
I will announce the winner next week. 

Have a great weekend, see you next Thrifty Friday! Christie xx

Thrifty way to see a new place - Amsterdam

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about day tripping to Geneva in Switzerland. I thought I would do another 'day tripping' post this time about Amsterdam!

If you just go away for the day you only have to buy one days worth of meals, theirs no overnight accommodation, no meals the next day and no need to check in any luggage.
Amsterdam is a great place to visit. From Luton airport the flight roughly takes 45 minutes and is around £50 return.

I last visited to Amsterdam about 2 weeks ago, this was my second trip there this year. 
I love going away for the day. Its a great experience, a cheaper way to see a new place and brilliant if you want to travel but have limited time.

Amsterdam is filled with great food, sites and shops.  Here is what to do when you've arrived...
Exit airport at Schiphol Airport into the train station. There are lots of machines where you can buy tickets to Amsterdam Central. The train takes about 10-15 minutes and a return ticket is 5 Euros.

When you reach Amsterdam Central exit the station and head straight forward. You will walk over a few canals onto a main road filled with cafes and shops. On the right you will see a big C&A and to the left is a big department shop called Bijenkorf.
Bijenkorf is a huge department store which I would say is equivalent to our Selfridges. 
On the top floor is a cafe with the most amazing food! I really couldn't recommend it enough. There are rows of chefs cooking a selection of different foods. I chose a delicious beef and caper sandwich.. (delicious!)

Enough about food!

Heading straight forward you will reach Dam Square. This is a 'must see' when visiting Amsterdam

To the right of Dam Square is the main shopping street Kalverstraat.There is a huge selection of shops and usually where we end up spending most of our time!
You can check out a virtual tour of it here;

Dam square is quite central to a lot of different sites and attractions
. Some of my favourite things we have done in Amsterdam are...

Ann Franks House
After reading Anne Franks Diary it was an amazing experience to visit the house she lived in. 
The museum is only a 20 minute walk from the Central station.

You can find details of the museum here;

Van Gough Museum
We visited the Van Gough museum on a trip a few years ago. Its an excellent museum and easy to reach from the town centre.

Canal boat tours
There are a huge range of different canal boat tours on offer. If you are just visiting Amsterdam for the day you can do a trip where you see 100 highlights in just an hour:

Its really up to you how you would like to spend your day away.
Ive loved doing various trips and tours but my favourite thing to do here is shop! 

I hope you liked this weeks post, see you next Thrifty Friday

Outlet Shopping

Outlet shopping is hit and miss. Sometimes you could spend a fortune other times you can walk home with nothing.
I haven't been outlet shopping for months but its really worth going and having a look because you never know what your going to find! 
I have recently discovered the Next home outlet and have managed to get some bargains that I thought id share.

Firstly this beautiful bathroom mirror...

It is missing one tiny bit of mirror on the mosaic edging. Its so minimal you cant even find it unless you look really hard. Due to the fact this is missing the mirror was half price.

Next this lovely flower light...

One of the bits of plastic where you clip the flower onto needed gluing back together so this was just £5.What a bargain!
Outlet shopping can be great and if your looking to save a bit of money then its always worth a look!

If you have had any good outlet bargains let me know I'd love to hear them!

What to buy when your on holiday in the USA

I LOVE going on holiday to America for lots of reasons.. the beautiful weather, the great sightseeing, the giant stacks of pancakes, but the shopping has to be top of my list.I love makeup and tend to buy quite alot of it (:S), I just couldn't believe the price difference in some items last time I was there
A few years ago we got over two dollars to the pound, its not quite as good as it was but its still around $1.5 to the £1. 

I thought id write a post to show you a few of the items I brought/ stocked up last time I was there due to the price difference to the UK.
If you have found any great deals please post them because i'd love to read about them:)

L'Oreal voluminous mascara.. UK £8.49 from Boots .. USA .. $7.99 from Walgreen's.

Sally Hansen nail polishes.. UK they range between £5-£9 .. America they start from just $1.99! 

Tweezerman Tweezers.. (in my opinion) the most amazing tweezers ever made! UK price for the below £19.50. Price I brought them for in the US $20.00 

Most foundations ive noticed a big difference in cost. Just as an example; Clinique even better foundation .. Boots in the UK £22, Sephora in America $23

My final item is a non makeup item.. Ugg boots

This exact same pair of Ugg Boots is for sale in Schuh UK for £210 and in Bloomingdales for... $200 !! I know you have to add tax onto this but its still about a £60 difference!

 UGG® Australia Classic Short Boots

So if you are booking to go on holiday from the UK to America this year or next.. Have a great time and enjoy the shopping!! Let me know what deals you find:)

Foundation - Thrifty or high end whats your favourite?

Over the last year I have tried numerous lower priced foundations. I have tried the L'Oreal Lumi Foundation, the Max Factor pan stick, Revlon Colour Stay to name a few but I just haven't found one that I love. 
When I buy cheaper foundations I find firstly they don't last on my skin, give it a few hours and I need to touch up! and secondly I use up the foundation so much quicker.
My favourite foundation which I have been using for the last few years is Mac's Face and Body. I love this and think its worth every penny!


When I first started building my kit for bridal work I spent a lot of time researching foundations that would photograph well. I read really good reviews about Face and Body so I thought I would give it a try.

Mac claims this is “A water-based, water-resistant foundation that provides natural coverage for face and/or body. Ideal for all skin types. Face and Body foundation provides sheer, natural looking coverage in an easy to blend formula. Contains several emollients to help moisturise and condition the skin. If delivers professional looking results that meet the exacting standards of beauty photography and is ideal for perfecting the face and body"

I find this foundation is best applied with either a stippling brush or your fingers. I do not recommend using a flat foundation brush, it just soaks up to much of the product.

The Feel /Finish
I usually prefer at least a medium coverage foundation but I absolutely love this.
I have a face full of freckles and although I like them to show through I also like to hide my other blemishes. I feel this foundation is the perfect medium
It provides a light but good coverage and leaves a natural dewy finish.
It’s a very moisturising foundation, perfect for those who suffer with dry skin.
 Another good thing about this foundation is the fact it’s buildable, it’s good to have the option to create a little more coverage when you need it. You can really layer this foundation nicely, it still looks very sheer and natural without going cakey.
This foundation photographs really well. It doesn’t contain any SPF.

I recommend trying this if you have normal/dry skin. This is also a perfect foundation for older skin. Although a lot of people with oily skin like this product, it is not something I would recommend for oily skin, there are better products out there for you.

Would I repurchase? Definitely. This foundation is £25.50 for 120ML this may seem expensive but 120 ML is a huge amount of product! With daily use this foundation lasts me a very minimum of 4 months usually more towards 6 months! 
I feel this foundation is the perfect every day foundation and I would definitely recommend checking it out.

If you have found a thrifty foundation that you love and would recommend checking out please comment below I would really like to give some cheaper alternatives a try!

Thanks for reading, see you next Friday :)

My favourite low cost fragrances

Mary Kate & Ashley LA Style EDT Spray & Jewel  50ml 

Mary Kate and Ashley LA Style 
Every time I wear this I get SO many compliments and everyone asks me what fragrance I’m wearing.
I discovered this perfume in New York. We were leaving to go home and just before we were about to jump in a taxi I went to Duane Read to spend my last bits of change. While we were in there I realised I forgot to put perfume on, there were testers of this out on display. I picked it up sprayed in on and thought no more. After a few minutes I thought wow this is lovely and then I started getting compliment after compliment! As soon as we were home I googled where I could find this in the UK. I found it on fragrance direct for just £4.99 !
I have been through so many bottles of this now and I still LOVE the smell I highly recommend checking it out!

Eau de Toilette - Malaysian Coconut

Small £5 large £9.50

My favourite smell of all time is coconut. I love the smell of anything tropical it just reminds me of being on holiday in the sun.
Last year I went on a hunt for a coconut smelling perfume. I spent a few hours on google and come up with a list of all perfumes that apparently had a coconut scent. 
I managed to smell testers of pretty much all of them and this was by far the nicest most coconutty smell!
I brought this last time I went to Switzerland shopping, Yves Rocher no longer has any shops in the UK but you can order everything on their website still.
I brought the large one for at home and the smaller one to throw in my handbag. This perfume is really quite cheap and smells amazing it’s another I really recommend checking out!

Last but not least are the Ted Baker body sprays.
I absolutely love these sprays, they are the perfect size to throw in your handbag and are only £2.50 each! What a bargain!
I’d describe the Ted Baker sprays as slightly spicy floral scents.
If you’re a little low on cash and can’t afford to repurchase your favourite perfume these are the perfect in between thing.
The smell only lasts for a few hours but where it’s a body spray is lovely and refreshing to spray throughout the day.  
I use these sprays all year round and again it’s another scent that people always compliment me on.
Next time you’re in Boots check them out for £2.50 each you really can’t go wrong!

If you have any nice low cost fragrances please leave a comment, id love to read them :)

Great creative -Reupholster chairs!

My husband and I have just brought our first house. Its a brand new house where ideally id like all brand new things to go in it... Unfortunately we only have so much money!
The colour theme we have gone for in the house is white walls, grey floors,  black features and then in every room a splash of colour.
 In our kitchen we've decided to have green as our splash of colour so instead of buying cushions for the chairs or new dining furniture I decided to reupholster our existing Ikea chairs!

It was so easy to do and looks so great so I thought I would share what I did.
Here is the before and after;

I brought the material from John Lewis (not very Thrifty but nice!) it was about £15 for 3 metres. 

I started by unscrewing the base;

and then removed the existing cover...

I placed the base of the chair onto my material and cut around it leaving about an inch extra on all sides...

and then using my Dads staple gun I stapled down the corners...

Once the corners were stapled I pulled the material tight and stapled around the edges...

and stapled all of the material to the base.

All done! Now I fixed the base back to the chair..

and voila!

 I'm so pleased with how this has come out, the material was only £15 and chairs look brand new!

I hope you liked this weeks post. 

See you next Thrifty Friday :)

Lush Dupes

Thank you to everyone who entered my shampoo giveaway!

The winners are...

Kimberly, Rosychicc and Carolina!

If you guys could please email me your addresses to I will get these posted out to you!

This weeks post is just a short one i'm afraid because I am moving house today..I hope you like it though, see you next Friday :)

After discovering my love for Lush I thought I would try out my local soap shop to see how their bath treats compare.
I have tried quite a few things so far and so far I can honestly say they compare very very well!

Firstly the bath melts..

There instructions for use are;
“Just drop one one in your tub and let is slowly melt into the water, softening your skin and realising a light aroma. Bliss.”
Ive tried quite a few different flavours my favourite is the vanilla and coffee bean. It claims to smell of “delicious Vanilla Cupcake with just a hint of freshly ground coffee” It’s SO nice!

I found with these they don’t melt quite as fast as the Lush melts do BUT I don’t think that is a bad thing, I like the fact they don’t disappear straight away. They smell absolutely amazing and leave your skin feeling incredible!

And now for the bath cupcakes;


 These claim to “leave your skin soft and fragrant, but do not cause an oil slick in your bath” Perfect when you want more than a Bath Bomb, but not as much oil as a Bath Melt, Bath Cupcakes are half way in between”
I have loved using these. They fizz around your bath leaving you with a few bubbles and delicious smell. I actually love the combo of mixing the Vanilla bean bath melt with the cream vanilla bath cupcake.. it’s a sweet smell overload!
I would defiantly recommend checking these out.

The bath melts retail at just £1.50 each and the cupcakes £2.50 so there is quite a big difference to Lush prices. So if you have a local soap shop its definitely worth a look!

If you want to have a look at the Soap Shop there website is

If anyone has any other bath shop recommendations please let me know, I would love to look!

See you next Thrifty Friday :)